TENDER N° 20240100374

تاريخ الاصدار
طلب عروض
آخر أجل لقبول العروض
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Conception & Execution of Institutional Tourism Advertising Campaigns for Tunisia

The Tunisian National Tourist Office puts forward the present Tender, aimed at agencies specialising in communication and / or in advertising, the conception & execution of its institutional advertising campaigns for a period of one (01) year, which is renewable for a maximum two (02) year period, with an annual budget fixed in advance

Markets concerned by this tender are divided into 5 lots, as follows

 Lot n° 1: Local market (promotion of domestic tourism)
 Lot n° 2: European markets: France / Germany / United Kingdom / Italy / Belgium & Luxembourg / Czech Republic & Slovakia / Poland / Spain & Portugal / Switzerland / Scandinavia (Sweden, Denmark & Norway) and Finland
 Lot n° 3: Canada
 Lot n° 4: China
 Lot n° 5: Arabian Markets: Saudi Arabia – Jordan - United Arab Emirates - Qatar

Bidders interested in participating in lots 2 and 5 are required to submit an offer that includes all the markets comprising these lots to avoid their bidding offers being rejected

The interested parties specialised in communication and/or advertising able to provide the guaranties and references stated in the bidding requirements “le cahier des charges” and who wish to participate in this tender, can obtain the tender dossier through the online public procurement system TUNEPS (www.tuneps.tn)

Tenders’ proposals must be submitted online via TUNEPS no later than 18th of March 2024 at 10h00

However, the hard original evidence of the bank deposit, the certificate of non-bankruptcy or receivership (or any other equivalent document provided for by the law of the country of origin of the tenderer) and the extract from the national business register (or any other equivalent document provided for by the law of the country of origin of the tenderer) must be sent offline

Also, in the event of technical incapacity of the TUNEPS system (file size) part of the offer may sent offline provided that it is mentioned in advance in the offer sent on line

The offline part of the offer should be sent by post in a sealed and registered envelope or by rapid post or deposited directly at the Central Registry Office "BOC" of the TNTO against
acknowledgment of receipt, in the name of: “Monsieur le Directeur Général de l’Office National du Tourisme Tunisien, 1 Avenue Mohamed V, 1001 Tunis” and arrive no later than 18th of March 2024 at 10h00 (The stamp of the Central Registry Office "BOC" of the TNTO shall prevail)

The offline part of the offer will be enclosed in a sealed envelope, bearing only the following information

APPEL D’OFFRES N° 20240100374

Any submitted offer missing the deadline, or which does not contain evidence of provisional bank deposit (or, where applicable, proof of payment of the amount of the deposit in the bank account of one of the TNTO offices abraod), or failing to adhere to this presentation method, will be rejected

The public opening session of the bids will take place on 18th of March 2024 at 12h00 in the meeting room at 84, Avenue de la Liberté, 1001 Tunis

Bidders remain bound by their bids for one hundred and twenty (120) days from the day following the deadline for receipt of tenders

For more information on the "TUNEPS" online public procurement system, bidders not yet registered can contact the online public procurement unit “l’unité d’achat en ligne”, at

Address: Bab el Assel - 1006 - Tunis - Tunisia (Laassel Street – across from the Municipal Stadium of Bab Laassel - intersection of 10 Béchir Sfar Street and Laassel Street)
 Phone: +216 70 130 340
 Fax: +216 70 134 342
 E-mail: tuneps@pm.gov.tn

They can also access the following link relating to the registration of suppliers in the online public procurement system
Local supplier: https://www.tuneps-kit.tn/02/pro_demande_local.php
Foreign supplier: http://www.tuneps-kit.tn/02/pro_demande_etranger.php